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Only a little later but the Nasties are blooming

The pointy things always cause problems

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A Blog About Sharing a Bench & Weave- A – Long’s

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A blog with 3 Chapters

Choosing and Choices-Beginnings and Endings

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At last autumn is here

Beginnings and ending and not so much yet

Between and betwixt

A blog with 3 chapters

blogging for luddites who just happen to be tapestry weavers

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Circling around

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Eccentrically yours

Getting back or its more than about time

Gone time and compulsion

Guilty guilty guilty

In search of ufosunfinished objects in studio

Maybes and other wonderful things

Middle of the month with all its bits and pieces

Musings on entropy times arrow and tapestry

My favourite student marge crueger and my weekly progress report

My summer of reconstruction and other things

No regrets

Not nearly normal yet and still not yet

Of cabbages and kings

Of flying turtles and snails

Of waterdogs and black berries

One more thing 2

Pending processing and at what point procrastination

So belated redefining normal again

Spring seems to have sprung and its almost summer

This and that again

This and that between workshops

This and that of comic books and soumack

Threading the mirrix my way and everyone

Too much ado about nothing

Two parter life deathand rituals and creating videos

When and as if and getting there