Beginning shaped and pulled tapestry


Private Lessons Available on Zoom for $375.00.


Shaped and Pulled Tapestry Weaving

Shaped and pulled tapestries are showing up everywhere. They are being used for jewelry containers, medicine bags, small purses, small art works, as well as woven into wearable and usable fabrics and containers. They look difficult to weave, but they are not. Once you understand a few basic principles you will be hooked on shaped tapestry weaving too! This one-on-one class is about giving the you the basics on shaped tapestry techniques so you have the tools needed to create your next work of art. I even wrote a text book on the subject Shaped Tapestry!

In this tapestry class you will learn to use and create small looms for shaped pieces, how to insert a tapestry into already woven fabrics, as well as shape three dimensional pieces. In addition, techniques such as creating fringes, adding beaded fringes, and placing beading into the weaving will be demonstrated for you. This is a one-on-one Zoom class with Kathe.  We will have four spaced out classes (typically weekly) of 2 hours each. We will determine where you are with your tapestry weaving skills and create a goal, specific for you, on what you will achieve with this class.

Lets chat! Email  or call 541-917-3251 for information and more details.  



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