Line in Tapestry by Kathe Todd-Hooker



Line in Tapestry

by Kathe Todd-Hooker

Been weaving tapestry for awhile? Then you aware that there are sometimes difficulties with weaving the perfect line for the design situation.

Or are you a beginner who wants to get a good technical foundation? Then knowing how to weave lines easily and correctly is important. How do you keep them from being wavy when you need them perfectly straight? How do you shade with dots or create a floating bar? How do you make vertical straight lines? Or create lines that travel in all directions? Are you interested in the linear techniques of kilims such as zilli, soumak, and cicim? What about textured lines such as those made with chaining or brocading? How do you tame a line and make it do what you want?

This book is written about line use, line technique, and producing lines in tapestry from the simple to the complex. There are explanations and illustrated techniques for producing lines for all occasions and purposes. If you want to understand line usage in tapestry, this is the book for you.

This book also has a great deal of information of that would be of general use to tapestry weavers. These include: preparing weft bundles so that the group of yarns lie flat and weave in without tension problems, wrapping bobbins efficiently, stabilizing edges, understanding and using hill and valley threads effectively, and using the technical aspects of weaving to help support the aesthetic possibilities of the tapestry design.

Book includes 82 pages of text, black/white drawings and photos.

Spiral bound so that it lies flat for quick reference when you’re at the loom.

ISBN 0-9753698-2-2

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