Tapestry, Soumack, and Friends


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Five, two hour sessions. Read Pdf for details below.


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For more information, please contact-
Kathe Todd-Hooker – Phone: 541-917-3251-
e-mail-betweenandetc@comcast.net or kathetoddhooker@comcast.net

Begins on Thursday, on zoom-1:00 PM- 5 weeks, PST October 19, 2023. Cost-$300.00
Soumack, twining and other semi related constructs are techniques that can be used to create whole cloth or be mixed with tapestry to create lines that travel in any direction and any angle. Soumack can be used to outline, lock shapes into place, create patterns smooth edges or produce a unique surface can enhance detail in tapestry designs. Mixed with tapestry it becomes all-purpose magical techniques for creating lines, fine, lines, texture and problem solving. Class begins with a sampler.
Kyra & Squeaker, Kyra at rest Asana woven and designed by Kathe Todd-Hooker


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