Tapestry Yarns

Tapestry Warp

We have a Swedish cotton seine twine.  It is a well twisted, cabled thread that is quite strong.  It does have a bit of stretch so you may have to watch the tension on your warp for the first few days of weaving as the warp stretches. The warp is $26 per spool (shipping/handling extra) and comes in the
following sizes:

  • #12/6 (1.1 pound spool, approx. 1600 yards) (Often sett at 10-12 epi)
  • #12/9 (1.1 pound spool, approx. 1440 yards) (Often sett at 10 epi)

Kathe likes this thread to use for finely sett tapestries, such as those set at 20-22 epi.  We have a variety of colors, just contact us for information.

  • 150 yards per large spool   $3.00 (plus s/h)
  • 75 yards per small spool   $2.00 (plus s/h)

ALV (Elf)
Tapestry Yarn

This Norwegian tapestry yarn is a 2-ply worsted yarn made from 100% combed long fiber wool.  It works
beautifully for woven tapestry.  Kathe uses four strands together, with a sett of 10 warps per inch. There are 700 meters in 100 grams(Approx. 765 yards / 3.5 ounces or 218.5 yards per ounce).  NOTE: We sell it only in units of one or more ounces!!

The cost is $5.00 per ounce.   Call or email and ask about the full cone discount.  (Cone is
approximately 7.054 ounces)

Here is a view of the colors.  However, computer monitors vary greatly so we suggest that you order a yarn card and base your color choices on that card instead of your monitor. The color card costs $8.00 which includes shipping. NOTE: The color card is actually made from this company’s 3-ply yarn which  is a larger size than the 2-ply one we sell.  The colors are the same however. They include a sample of the 2-ply yarn in the lower right hand corner of the color card.  The title of the sample says:  ALV Kval. prove which means ELF sample.

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Attention: Prices subject to change without notice.