Tapestry Weaving with Soumak


Private Classes Available, $375.


Tapestry Weaving with Soumak

An introduction to the family of tapestry soumak techniques

Broken Feather broken Promise by Kathe Todd-Hooker

This one-on-one tapestry weaving class studies the techniques and use of soumak to create texture and lines in woven tapestries. We will cover twining, vertical and architectonic soumak, textual line and control, concentric squares, spirals, and executing these techniques skillfully in a tapestry sample. Tapestry soumak techniques are a wonderful tool when weaving pictorial designs. As a result, tapestry designs can have smoother edges, allow flexibility with color theory application, and easily create lines in any direction within the design. I wrote a book on the subject too!

This workshop is all about technique and is designed to be an introduction to soumak with a sampler as your finished project. A second, advanced class, is available after this class if you’re interested. The advanced class will cover drawing and design with vertical soumack and twining.

This is a one-on-one Zoom class with Kathe. It consists of four weekly meet ups for two hours each. You will work on assignments between classes. If something is unclear, we can add shorter zoom meet ups in between the classes. This has been especially useful in overcoming barriers for weavers whose first language is not English.


Materials needed for this class:

  1. Loom with tensioning device and is capable of weaving 8-10 inches wide (20.32cm -25.4 cm).
  2. Warp – 12/6 or 12/9 cotton seine twine or an equivalent sized wool warp.
  3. Loom warped at 10 ends per inch (2.5cm).
  4. Weft yarns that can be used in a bundle of 4-5 when warp is set at 10epi.
  5. Black sharpie marker to mark the warps.
  6. You may want to have bobbins (La broche) and or bones (La flute).
  7. Cartoon paper or vellum or whatever is easily available.
  8. Scissors
  9. Awl-short- palm awl about 2-3 inches long5.08 cm-7.6cm. Not an ice pick, which is really too long
  10. Tapestry beater but with a bit of weight, not a comb or grattoir.
  11. At some point you may also need a curved needle and a heavy duty sewing thread.

My time zone is Pacific Standard time. I have students from all over the world and as a result am very flexible to adjust the schedule of zoom classes to what works for both of us. Let’s chat and determine which class works best to enhance your tapestry weaving skills.

Cost of this class is $375.00US and is available online through Zoom.


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