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Joanne Soroka, a tapestry weaver, has been a long-time source of amusement and inspiration for me. We have crossed paths in various exhibits, despite our differing styles and sizes of work. Her book, “Tapestry Weaving: Design and Technique,” resonated with me as both a weaver and writer. In response to our shared experiences, I decided to compile a list of amusing remarks and observations we’ve encountered as tapestry weavers. Some comments include comparisons to dishcloths or needlepoint kits, unsolicited design suggestions, questions about the purpose or size of the artwork, requests to alter colors or designs for personal preference, assumptions about the artist’s other crafting abilities, inquiries about the time and cost involved in weaving. While these remarks can be both frustrating and amusing, I’ve learned to appreciate them as part of the journey. Joanne’s insights have brought me gratitude and a sense of camaraderie. I look forward to sharing more magical stories in the future. Thank you, Joanne, for the shared experiences and inspiration. – Kathe