Shaped Tapestry 2nd Edition by Kathe Todd-Hooker



Shaped Tapestry 2nd Edition

by Kathe Todd-Hooker

Like the first edition, this book is filled with information about weaving tapestries “out-of-the-box”. There are many ways to weave a non-rectangular tapestry. Methods for shaped and pulled tapestry techniques include: shaping the loom itself, using weave structures that cause the weaving to become shaped, and using scaffolds and other devices to hold areas of warp that are then manipulated into 3-D shapes when the weaving is finished. Naturally, these types of techniques require some special finishing techniques, and this book covers those as well. In addition, the 2nd edition has a section on shaping by adding surface dimension with techniques like rya, pulled loops, and attaching feathers.

In addition, this book has a lot of information of general use to tapestry weavers. Information includes: methods of stabilizing edges, choosing the warp and weft for tapestry, overview of tools useful for tapestry weaving, tips for beginning and ending weft threads so that you don’t have a lot of extra ends hanging off the back of the loom, tips for easily securing weft ends, how to re-align warp ends, adding supplemental warps and wefts, hints on controlling eccentric weaving, methods of ending and finishing tapestries, and readying them for exhibition. There is a lot of information here that can be applied to all types of tapestry weaving, not just shaped work. The 2nd edition has more hints for displaying shaped tapestries, and new patterns for shaped purses and handles.

For an excerpted sample of this book about weaving on a box loom click here.

Includes 88 pages of text, color photos, black/white drawings and photos.

Spiral bound so that it lies flat for quick reference when you’re at the loom.

ISBN 978-0-9753698-8-3

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