Tapestry warps-cotton seine twine, linen warp, Dual Duty Plus Craft threads, by the ounce or cone. cost 4.00 an ounce, but the spool can hold up to 4 ounces of warp. Please contact us by e-mail for ordering wound off quantities of warp



We have a Swedish cotton seine twine.  It is a well twisted, cabled thread that is quite strong.  It does have a bit of stretch so you may have to watch the tension on your warp for the first few days of weaving as the warp stretches or the humidity changes. The warp is $26 per spool.   We are willing to wind off small amounts of warps beginning at 1 ounce for 4.00 an ounce-cost of spool is included in the 4.00’s on the warp. Please when making your order specify which  size warp you need or call me and we can discuss which size of warp you wish to purchase.

About winding off-the cost of the spool is a deposit of  1.00. if you return the spools we do not charge the 1.00 deposit on your next order.  These spools will hold up to 1 ounces of yarn or warp. We will also wind off onto any spools that you send us. So you can supply your own spools-no charge or pay a deposit on our new long spools.

  • #12/6, 1.1 pound spool, approx. 1600 yards, Often sett at 10-12 epi, off-white,Brockens,27.00
  • #12/9, 1.1 pound spool, approx. 1440 yards, Often sett at 10 epi, off-white, Brockens, 27.00
  • #12/12, 18-19 ounces per spool, 920 yards, often woven at 8 epi, off-white, Brockens, 27.00
  • #12/18, 18-19ounces per spool, approx.1615 yards, often woven at 6 epi, off-white,  Brockens, 27.00
  • #20/6, 18-19 ounces per spool, approx. 2660 yards, off white, Brockens, 30.00

    Linen warp

#35/2 Brockens linen, 8.8 ounce spools, unbleached,  often used for smaller epis 16 epi and above, 2300 meters, 27.00

Dual Duty  Plus Craft Thread

Comes in spools with 50 yards, Cotton and polyester and glaze’ finished cotton. Used for 18-26 epi. Works well with sewing thread and embroidery floss. Colours-beige, white, green navy blue red, brown, forest green and 3 greys. cost 2.50


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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7 in


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