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Fine Fiber Press Student Tapestry Loom

Fine Fiber Press Student Loom This loom is based on the student looms used in the 1980s at the San Francisco Tapestry Workshop.

Loom Information: a. 17 inches wide x 25 inches high weaveable space. b. The metal loom frame adjusts up and down. This changes the height of the tapestry for weaving comfort. c. Tensioning knobs on top of the frame attach to the tension bar that is suspended inside the frame. The knobs have easy-to-grasp handles so that tension can be maintained without difficulty. d. Treadles to make weaving easier. e. Two heddles bars which attach to the treadles with a heavy cord . Comes with the heddle cord to make heddles of any portee or epi. Instructions for making heddles included. f. Wooden side uprights with wide feet for stability. g. So Warped, Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry included to help you start your weaving easily. This loom is shown in the book to illustrate warping with bouts. h. Small level included to help keep the tension bar and frame parallel to one another. i. Adjustable wooden tray to hold weaving tools and materials.

Dimensions: Uprights are 59 inches high. Loom is 23 inches wide (knobs add another inch on each side.) Foot supports are 24 inches deep. Metal frame is 42 inches high and 20 inches wide.

Price: $600.00 (Boxing and shipping not included)

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