Okay! I am owning up. I weave stories.

Woven by Kathe todd-Hooker

Each of my tapestry unless it is a colour study and in some ways they even tell a story of a particular day, a particular astrological phenomena.  Oops! I meant to say astronomical event. AH WELL! I  DO BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!gr! 

Tapestry is the medium I use to tell my stories. BUT,  I think it would be taking too much credit if I say my stories. They are mine only in how I perceive the stories and weave those stories.   

Tapestry, first of all is a technique. Tapestry technique just is. It’s a series of steps that if you do this with skill and practice you will achieve this results.   Until the weaver begins to  use the techniques there is no story or narrative. The weaver uses those tapestry techniques to convey meaning and  the story evolves. Yes, the more you practice the technique it becomes part of you- your practice or asana.  The weaver is the story and creates the narrative using the technique of tapestry.  There is a long tradition of  tapestry technique in almost every culture being used to weave stories and pictures to convey stories or words being woven into tapestries that weaver might not be able to read-be it from a specific uniqueness-non- language, culture uniqueness either a negative or a positive. We live in a diverse world, , but pictures convey a narrative and often meaning.  The objects and symbols woven around the words illustrated and conveyed meaning to the woven words. And, of course to those that could read the words- the words conveyed meaning to the woven symbols and pictures. Some good, some bad, some necessary. 

So how do I decide the story or narrative I want to tell. It often begins with a statement or an idea that sticks in my mind and echos- an idea that persist. A statement or an event or a line in the sand, or in this case a last stand that needs to be recognized and memorialized.  In this case or for me for this piece it  was listening to a statement made by GC in a group of textile people. Her statements kept coming back to me.   The statements, the words. The intense feelings of a need to memorialize her statement and her life as an 85 year old women feeling the need to memorialize and take a stand. Her statements and a few of mine.   

    I am especially proud of the the story/narrative of this  piece called November 3, 2020-Last stand! It’s about honor and responsibility and doing the right thing… G.C. Is 10 or 12 years older then me and I am72.   We both have reached the point in our life’s that we are limited in what we can do because of family, health issues and responsibilities. We are caught in the mazes of our existence. But,…honour bound to resist in any way we can to make a difference. For G.C.this  means a personal quarantine in her `home as she takes on tasks that will create huge differences in the quality of life of those around her.                                                      

So G.C. Has decided that for herself. She can best serve and resist by doing what ever it takes to vote!

Putting His name into a tapestry was one of the hardest things for me to weave even to make a statement or stand. There are other statements woven into the background. —- Nasty Ladies Unite. Time to take out the trash! And of course-Tuck Frump! The license plate says VOTE. 

For me my stand is to recognize GC’s resistance and also make sure I vote and everyone around me votes.! And, make sure I vote!! Do not give into thinking you can not make a difference. Resistance  can be as simple as voting!

   And of course we have informed G. C. in order to see the  end results of her vote1 She has to “live well and long enough to vote  to see Trump frog stepped out of the White House” and  until January 23, 2021 and beyond  to see this happen. 

So it’s time to take a stand even if it is your last stand!  Vote the trash out of office!!!!


  1. Grace Calderone on September 16, 2020 at 10:05 am

    Thank you dear friend. My story thread has been waiting for you, now it is part of my song line also.

    • kathetoddhooker on September 17, 2020 at 11:36 am

      I love the fact and the visual of this being part of your song!

    • kathetoddhooker on January 18, 2021 at 10:59 am

      Hey Grace sorry to take so long to respond. I just figured out/learned how to respond to messages on my website. Talk about long learning curves!

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