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New Products and New things!

Warp by the cone and the ounce

As a small format weaver and an instructor I have found that buying a cone of warp which usually weighs 16  ounces to 18 ounces. This  is often a life time and beyond supply of warp and adds extra cost to a project. So, Between & Etc will now be selling  and winding off warp by the ounce or the cone in sizes in cotton Seine twine  12/6, 12/9, 12/12, 12/18, 20/16 and linens white and unbleached in 35/2.


New Beater Designed by Kathe and produced

by Between and Etc.newbeater Based on a Persian rug prototype. The new design includes being made of stainless steel, new riveting system, and slightly heavier stainless steel. Will not rust or have fire scale, or corrode as the old prototypes are prone to doing. Cost 80.00.

Original prototypes of Persian beaters for sale until sold out!

cost 80.00 and 120.oo for large beater.


Wooden Grattoirs

Made from Oregon hardwoods. Displayed by the aluminum grattoirs sold and designed by Between & Etc.  for size comparison. The cost of the wooden grattoirs is considerably less then the metal ones. Cost 8.00 and 15.00.

new grattoirs


Bent Wooden needles with an eye.

These are a specialty tool for using with children or weak hands. They are designed so the weft can be placed in the eye and used to pick and or lever up the sheds using the palm of the hand and wrist. They are strong enough to turn side ways with in the sheds to create more space between the sheds.

The Bent Wood needles  are made out of laminated shaped hard woods for strength–walnut and oak. I designed them especially for working with my older students. (cost 12.00)

A great tool for those with hand issues.

A great tool for those with hand issues.

Kathe’s Weighted fork beaters.

I have added a picture of the weighted fork beater that I designed a few years ago. I have never had a picture of it on my site. So here it is! O. It sells for 8.00.

Kathe's 8.00 weighted beater

Borg Tuna Yarns by the ounce or the skein or the spool!

We will be selling the Borg Vavgarner Tuna Yarns by the ounce, skein(3.5 ounces) or spool that we will wind to order. They are 100% wool size 6/2. They are a coarser wool the Norwegian Alv yarns that we already sale. The differ at 10 epi with a 12/6 warp would be alv yarns 5-6 and tuna yarns 3-4 in the weft bundle. Thy blend together beautifully.


We are building an on line market place!

Yep! that’s right. A place to consign tools, looms- used and new-books or what ever else one wants to sale that would deal with tapestry or felting. If you are interested I participating  please contact us!

That’s all for now, but watch us grow!