Intro to tapestry Soumak and friends 

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Intro to tapestry Soumak and friends  by appointment 0r March 23,2021

Time to book your space and time Next session is starting this week March 23,2021

This workshop or study group is meant to be an introduction to the family of soumak techniques and the family of twining techniques both to be used in conjunction with tapestry.  The study is about texture and line usage in tapestry techniques, twining, vertical soumack and architectonic soumak and applying these techniques in tapestry.

This beginning study includes line and dot, vertical soumack, architectural soumack, textual line and texture control, concentric squares, a spiral, introduction to twining. Participants create a sampler of the various techniques and their application.

This study is a one-on- one zoom classes with Kathe.  4 spaced out classes of 2 hours so that one can work on assignments and weave between classes. If something is unclear to either the group participant or to the instructor, we can add several shorter in between zoom class meetings especially if either of us is suffering from a language lag or misunderstanding or a bad internet connection.

The workshop is   350.00. E-mail

or call 541-917-3251 for information and more details.

Materials needed for

  1. loom with tensioning device
  2. loom capable of setting up a warp of 8-10 inches wide or 20.32cm -25.4 cm or there abouts.
  3. 12/6 or 12/9 cotton seine twine for warp or an equivalent sized wool warp.
  4. Loom warped to 10 ends per inch(2.5cm) if there is a problem with warping the loom or you have never warped a small loom we can discuss this and it may add a bit more time or an extra tutoring session.
  5. Weft yarns that can be used in a bundle of 4-5. Threads at 10 epi. this is open to discussion as to what is available in international classes.
  6. There will need to be away of delivering handouts that you can use for class materials.
  7. Power point presentation and slides can be printed off with the exception of the animations as they may take too much space to download.
  8. This workshop is all about technique. The second more advanced class is about usage in design and drawing with vertical soumack and twining. Conversation and usage will be discussed, but this is basically a sampler class or workshop to introduce you to the techniques.
  9. Black sharpie marker to mark the warps. (again we can discuss what is available to you)
  10. You may want to have bobbins(La broche) and or bones(La flute). There is lexicon available at Tapestry Lexicon – Between and Etc. It is something I have been working on for years. It’s as accurate as I can make it and has many languages and words. SO feel free to use it and also to ask me to include new words or correct misspellings. Cartoon paper or vellum or whatever is easily available. For more advanced classes you may need drawing supplies.
  11. Scissors
  12. Awl-short- palm awl about 2-3 inches long5.08 cm-7.6cm. Not an ice pick which is really too long
  13. Tapestry beater but with a bit of weight not a comb or grattoir-even though a grattoir or scrapper is a nice additional tool when used correctly..
  14. At some point you may also need a curved needle and a heavy duty sewing thread.

My time zone is Pacific Standard time. I am more then willing to adjust the schedule of zoom classes to what works for both of us. Working in the middle of the night is tiring for both the instructor(me) and the student. So we can work out the timing so it sort of works for both of us.

Payment of 350.00US can be made directly to the  paypal account

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