Circling Around

As usual when we work on the outside of the house its decided to rain. But, the colours are right! The house is a light turquoise the studio darker both with plum coloured trim and and beautiful blue doors for luck. The metal gates will each be a different colour.I have so much to do…

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Eccentrically yours-

I promised my class in Cincinnati that I would do some writing about eccentric weaving. So this is for you all.   I am not fond of eccentric weaving for so many reasons. Which is the reason that I have written very little about it in my different books. I will occasionally use it as…

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Threading the Mirrix my way and everyone “ new and sometimes not so new”seems to want to do eccentric weaving.

The easiest, fastest, foolproof way to warp a mirrix loom. 1. Forget everything you know about using the silver accessory  bars supplied by mirrix as warping accessories to warp around. They are too big to be practical with this method of warping. So you can save them for perhaps  a very dim very future time.…

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No Regrets-left. My last years list of resolutions is completed and things ended and new things begun. The future is here and everything else is the past.Last years epiphany has now become reality.

Epiphany-Comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization. New resolutions–To set new goals or mile markers towards finishing goals. Create a New updated list of goals personal and professional; establish stepping stones or goals for achieving what I want. Let t go of those things I no longer need or want…

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Between and Etc. has been providing books and supplies for tapestry weaving and related fiber arts since 1999. Your source for tapestry and related supplies. Sign-up for classes in tapestry, felt making and related fiber arts taught by Kathe Todd-Hooker and invited teachers. Wholesale prices available for vendors and bulk orders

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