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I Don’t do Miniatures!

Confessions of a Daughter

 “Letter to the Editor”; International Tapestry Journal; Vol. 3, No 2, August, 2000  Something that I wrote that  seems a million years ago. Before I could even show  with large format tapestry.  When people were still trying to decide if we were even tapestry or something else…! Back before small format tapestry weavers were allowed to show…

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This and That and Continuity

Don’t Miss the Roy Gonna Bitsòò Kady Navajo weaving workshop and other important  contents- Between & Etc’s new chapter, the missing year of weaving, Workshop deadline, Roy Gonna Bitsòò Kady Navajo weaving workshop, more about soumack and rya, and other things. A New Chapter… I have to admit life has been a tad bit chaotic in the last couple…

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Summer: What is it about summer?

Sunset Procrastination What is it about summer, especially,  August that always leaves me feeling burnt out with a sense of ennui,  jejune,  and malaise?  Which,  as you can see,   leads to the inevitable play with words to try and describe the almost indescribable ( that which cannot be described  indescribable sensation>2: surpassing description <indescribable joy>  or is it undescribale( do the opposite…

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Between & Etc Workshop and Schedule

Between & Etc Workshop Schedule for 2017 January January 29, 2017 Panel Discussion and opening reception, Textile and quilt Museum, San Jose, CA February February 18-20, 2017 Tapestry, Soumak, and Friends, studio-Between & Etc, Albany, Oregon March MArch13-17, 2017 Colour and designing for Tapestry, studio-Between & Etc, Albany, Oregon April April 14-17, 2017 Small Format/…

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Soumack, Tapestry and Friends

This is a chance for preview class on the contents of my new book. Tapestry Soumak and Friends.  For this workshop you need to be slightly more then a beginner, but not much.  It’s al about enhancing the surface of a tapestry or fabric with additions of soumack, twining, rya, and many other techniques. It is…

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About Us

Between and Etc. has been providing books and supplies for tapestry weaving and related fiber arts since 1999. Your source for tapestry and related supplies. Sign-up for classes in tapestry, felt making and related fiber arts taught by Kathe Todd-Hooker and invited teachers. Wholesale prices available for vendors and bulk orders

Our Services

  • Private tapestry classes
  • Sales of tapestry and needle felting supplies in any amount
  • Hard to find books on tapestry and other fiber arts
  • Used fiber arts equipment equipment
  • Small publishing house


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