Purse Loom Copper 6 by 8 inches


Copper purse size  loom also fits easily into a pack.

Size 6 by 8 inches. Stand easily folds for storage and is perfectly adjustable to hold other small looms.


Purse loom and stand Sold together or separately loom is 36.00 stand is 30.00. Sold together the cost is 66.00.+shipping & handling.

Loom without stand and partially open. The loom closed is 8 by 6 inches with a possible opening of approximately 3 inches. Top and bottom beams are reinforced. These looms I have been told are perfect for bead weaving.

Loom comes in a bag ready to be put together.

Can be used without gluing or with gluing. Loom is 36.00.


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