Weave a Feather


Weave a feather!

I have a passion for weaving feathers. I am writing a small monograph on how to weave feathers.

Learn how to stylize a feather. Learn the techniques needed to weave a pictorial style feather.

The class will weave a small feather and the techniques that will be used to create realistic feathers.

December 15-18, 2020

December 20-22, 2020

cost 300.00


Weave A Feather

Weave a feather See How I weave feathers and how others have woven feathers.

Class will weave a small feather. Learn the techniques that will allow you to weave realistic pictorial feathers or stylized feather.

The class is based on a small monograph that I am writing about weaving feathers and a bit more.

December 15-18, 2020

December 20-22, 2020



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