Weave a feather!

I have a passion for weaving feathers in tapestry. I am writing a small monograph on how to weave feathers.

Learn how to stylize a feather. Learn the techniques needed to weave a pictorial style feather.

The class will weave  twosmall feather and the techniques that will be used to create realistic feathers.

December 15-18, 2020

December 20-22, 2020

cost 300.00



Woven by Kathe todd-Hooker

GC-Last stand -11-3-2020

Feathers have many meanings to many different people and cultures. They are soul satisfying to weave. They can be extremely simple in design or extremely complex in design.

This workshop is a study of creating weavings of feathers both in philosophical settings, logistics of weaving feathers, anatomy of feathers and techniques that work best to weave

the feathers into the designs that create your images and meanings of the feathers. Those who wish to participate will need to have a basic knowledge of line -soumak, twining

and tapestry technique. Prerequisite of having done a soumak sampler or one of my Soumak and line classes. Classes are one on one on zoom. End product will be two designed

and woven feathers…Any EPI…  One on one zoom classes with Kathe.  6 spaced out classes of 2 hours each 300.00. E-mail [email protected] or call 541-917-3251 for information

and more details.   6-2-hour classes, 350.00 This study will be offered until Dec 20, 2020- March 1, 2021




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