Fundamentals of feltmaking and scandinavian style feltmaking


Fundamentals of Feltmaking, 

by Patricia Spark

A book for anyone interested in the basic aspects of felt making: choosing the right fibers for the job, preparing the fiber, testing the fiber for shrinkage, making flat sheets of felt, making three-dimensional felts, applying motifs to the felt and finishing the felt piece. The enlarged edition includes new methods of making flat sheets of felt, methods for making exotic papers for use as inlay materials in felt and an enlarged source list and bibliography.

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Scandinavian-Style Feltmaking A Three-Dimensional Approach to Hats, Boots, Mittens and Other Useful Objects

by Patricia Spark

Are you interested in making your own felt hats, boots, or other items? Do you want to know how to make patterns for felt objects that will fit the individual members of your family? Do you want finishing tips, hints, and other tricks of the trade from a person who has been making felt objects for the last 30 years? How about an extensive bibliography and sources list; are you interested? Do you have a curiosity about traditional Scandinavian handicrafts? This book by Patricia Spark covers all of the above, plus more! Order your own copy today and see for yourself.

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OUT OF PRINT , No Longer Available from Fine Fiber Press

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