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So Warped

Guilty, Guilty Guilty!!

Guilt! Guilty!- I am so late in getting this done. My last entry was April 4 over a month ago. The first time I have missed the every 2 week period in 2 years that are supposed to be my last two new year’s resolutions… I suppose I could let myself off the hook and forgive…

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Announcing a new book from fine Fiber Press-So Warped

So Warped, Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry by Kathe Todd-Hooker and Pat Spark ISBN 9780-9753698-6-9 After many years of teaching tapestry and weaving, the authors realize that it is sometimes the warping process that stops a weaver dead in her/his tracks. Traditional weavers often have horror stories about their warping experiences and while many…

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WOW!!! and meanderings

WOW!! WE DID IT!!! SO WARPED IS WRITTEN, LAID OUT, AND BEING PROOFED!!! GOOD JOB, PAT, you are so good and getting better all of the time!!!!The book is now in/ready for pre-publication sales. We even have the cost and a discount for anyone who purchases it in advance. 35.00 After release and 32.00 for…

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bit by bit, inch by inch

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining. There is a promise and perhaps a hint of spring-pregnant with waiting. The camellia buds are swelling. I saw the first of my Grandmothers violets of the season. The moss in the side yard is beautifully green. The last week or two has been busy, dreary,…

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Between and Betwixt

Between, in the middle of, at intervals, in the midst of, among, betwixt, interjascence, etc, etc, etc. Things barely started and nothing near finishing or even begun enough to have a definitive personality. ..which always seems to morph into waiting, biding time, attend,anticipating, mark time, delay, tarry, lurking, hovering, dangling, wait in suspense,be left hanging…boredom…

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About Us

Between and Etc. has been providing books and supplies for tapestry weaving and related fiber arts since 1999. Your source for tapestry and related supplies. Sign-up for classes in tapestry, felt making and related fiber arts taught by Kathe Todd-Hooker and invited teachers. Wholesale prices available for vendors and bulk orders

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  • Private tapestry classes
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  • Hard to find books on tapestry and other fiber arts
  • Used fiber arts equipment equipment
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